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Imprinted on porcelain, archival paper, the unique graphic of Lizave becomes the hallmark of the brand.


In her works, the artist manages to harmoniously combine decorative painting and graphic design. Lizave believes that what people see in their daily lives has a paramount effect on how they feel. That's why she is convinced that people should surround themselves with more beauty to be happy. And this beauty, in her belief, should come from two sources -  beautiful things and people who are beautiful at heart. 


The birth of Lizave brand dates back to 2012 when the artist started to create her remarkable pictures and prints made with computer programs. At a certain point of her artistic journey, Lizave realized that what she does should become more available for the world. 


Lizave cares about the quality of each item produced under the brand name, that's why every single step in the manufacturing process is controlled by the artist herself. She is the one who selects materials, and designs her author's graphic. Archive paper and colorfast ink used in manufacturing are eco-friendly and guarantee the highest quality of printing. 


Healthy perfectionism is what ensures the quality and authenticity of each item produced and sold by Lizave. 

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